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Branko Plavsic
Novska Rujiška
School of Applied Arts
ERB Work
Tarzan Serie 1983
1966 Mirko and Slavko
1966 Blaza and Jelica
  Kelly Brando (pilot)
1972 Fix und Foxi
1983 Balkan Express

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''Certainly one of the best, if not the best inker in Europe ... 
In fact, I think that Marvel would be very glad to have him in stuff.''
   These words is, once Svetozar Tomic, the editor of our most important comics magazines Stripoteka''''commented the work of Branko Plavsic.

    Branko was born in 1949 in a small place called Novska Rujiška where he spent his childhood. 1955 he moved with his family to Bac and finished elementary school. He enrolled in the School of Applied Arts, but he only spent three months because his family circumstances do not allow his talent for drawing, which he even showed as a child, continues to develop under the expert supervision.
    The expansion of publishing comics of the sixties, Plavsic saw an opportunity and to editor of DECJE NOVINE from the Gornji Milanovac he sent a colored cover page of the comic book Tarzan and a test board has been done in pencil.

    Based on only these two works, Decje Novine 1966th  contracted Plavšić for the series Mirko and Slavko and Blaza and Jelica a series of Nikad Robom (NEVER SLAVED) comics. With the series, Branko worked on illustrations for numerous children's comics and magazines, and has also been cooperating with the amateur sections of Odzak and B. Palanka on the visual reconstruction of archaeological finds. In this part of his work, Plavsic has expressed full eye for detail and a penchant for meticulous performance art regardless of the drawing technique. During this period he started his own series, ''Kelly''Brando, which, unfortunately, remains solely on the pilot episode, published in the journal''''ZENIT.

    In an effort to not limit his creativity only to issues of children's newspapers (over 3000 tables of comics), Branko accepts the invitation of Walter Neugebauer, artistic director of studio for comics and publishing ROLF KAUKA in 1972, he went on a study trip to Munich. There is Branko, working comics FIX AND FOXY and PICCOLLO Steiners, baked his craft under his mentor Walter whome he still calls him as his artistic father.
    Till 1979, Plavsic is a constant gap between Munich and Upper Milanovac. Chance to settle in one place gave him the Novi Sad''DIARY''which is ambitiously set out to expand comic book publishing.

 Recognizing Brankov talent and professionalism, they found a workplace as a comic book artist and hired him as a permanent member of the editorial comics. Till 1983, he worked on the series Il Grande Blek, and then, in the style of ''football'' transfers and the media noise, Plavsic went to Forum Marketprint to form Tarzan material with Branislav Kerac and create the longest series in the history of Yugoslav comics, Tarzan. The new job is requested and a different allocation of duties, and Branko took upon himself as inker of pencils by the other team members. In full creative stride, Plavsic successfully delibered serials Balkan Express ( screenplay by Gordan Mihic ) and NINDŽA (screenwriter Aca Kostic).

    Wars of the nineties broke the golden age of Yugoslav comics. Publishing is almost extinguished, and the only way to produce comics for the authors was cooperation with foreign publishers. Priorities of existence of the majority of artists were jobs which had no contact with the comics which is not Plavšić exception.
He returned to comics in 2010. when he started cooperation with the publishing house Labyrinth.
He died in his beloved Bac, 9 November 2011th
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Bane Kerac  
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