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Ron Link second Dutch Tarzan.

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Final Audition on tv
Who from the 5 remaining candidates will be the playing the leading role in the Musical Tarzan...

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  Premiëre on April 15th 2007
  The gala premiëre will be on April 15th 2007 in Scheveningen.

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Holland meets ERB : Who will be Tarzan ?

From the auditions, for the main role of the Musical Tarzan, 5 candidates remained. On november 24rd, 2006 after a competition it will be clear who will be the 2nd Dutch Tarzan (Louis Bouwmeester was the first Dutch Tarzan).

After a trip of 2 hours (60 miles) I arrived at the 18:30 at the Mediapark in Hilversum. With a bus we were moved to Studio 22. I announced myself at the press stand and received the pressmap with info about the new Musical. In the lounge I met Wilma Nanninga (The Telegraaf) and asked permission to publish their work on my site. After explaining the content of my website I received her permission !!
At 20:00 I received my seatnumber (110) and I could enter the studio.

The long run began. At 23:45 it was all over and there was a new Dutch Tarzan :
Ron Link

After the great show it was (as usual) a turbulent photo session. The press had the opportunity to interview the people and take photo's. This was a very nice experience!
Because our daughter Maud, who is a fan of Chantal, could't come I put a large photo of her on a column as if she was with me. I watched the dvd but couldn't see this yet.

My batteries of my photocamera didn't last very long (just 8 photo's) and so I couldn't make any photo's during the photo session. I watched the photo session and after a while I had the chance to ask Jeff Lee of Disney a question. I asked him how the relation between ERB Inc. and Disney is. He explained me that they have good relationship.

I asked Chantal to sign the large photo of the two Janes for Maud which she gracefully did.
For Ron Link I had the photo of the 5 Tarzan's and asked him to sign it. Of course he did.
When I asked him to put Tarzan under his signature he was a little bit suprised. Yeh, after all he is Tarzan. This would be the first signature of Tarzan Ron. I will put it on his page real soon.

Tired but satisfied I had to go. It was not allowed to ask for signatures according to the security officers. I stated that I was a press member where he stated that a press member does not ask for signatures. If he knew that it was material for my website ...


I want to thank Sjoerd of Stage Entertainment for the possibility to participate this beautiful experience.


5 Tarzan's
5 Tarzans

Who will be the new Dutch Tarzan?

From left to right :

Mark van Beelen
John Vooijs
Ron Link
Wouter Braaf
Dennis ten Vergert


Tooske vlak voor het begin van de eerste intro




The beautiful décor just before the beginning.

Chantal Janzen (Jane) and Ron Link
Photo Roy Beusker



Tarzan meets Jane ...

Every candidate has to perform the meeting of Tarzan and Jane.

The jury
Photo Roy Beusker



The jury .... from left to right :
Casting director Caroline Brouwers
Director Jeff Lee
Joop van den Ende
President Stage Entertainment Erwin Lambaart
Vocal coach Esther Hart

And not present ... Phil Collins, who also had a vote.

Screen capture



While talking to candidate Marc the audience was noted on the simularity of Marc and the Disney cartoon Tarzan.

Chaira Borderslee



A little bit expected and finally she came, Chaira (Kala) performed a song from the new Musical.

Ron Link is Tarzan

Photo's above except from Roy :Ron

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